Monday February 5, 2007


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Registration Fee:  $75.00 per team
Deadline: Entry closes To be announced
Entries: limited to 16 teams per division. Enter Early!

Checks Payable to : 
Westenhook Soccer Foundation – 
and must accompany application.

Mail to:
John Miner – Tournament Director
51 Albany Road
West Stockbridge, MA 01266

Event Sign in: 
Saturday Sept. 27, 2008 

7:30am – 11:00am
Monument Mountain Regional High School Team captain or contact person must check in the team before its first game. There you will receive your revised game schedules and player favors.

Upon verification of registration, each team’s contact person will be notified of his or her team’s first three games. Checks for non-entered teams will be returned.

All Participants must show MYSA card or Birth Certificate at time of Registration or as requested by the Tournament Director

For More Information Call:
(413) 232-4651 John Miner
(413) 274-0196 Mike Powell
(413) 528-6621 Sean Flynn

email us by clicking here:

            or email:           [email protected]

Sept. 27, 2008    

Entry Deadline 

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